Pest Control Modbury

Adelaide Plains Pest Services specialise in catering to the inspection, management, and control of all types of pests. With profound experience in our niche, we offer the top-class pest control in Modbury and beyond.

From termites to wasps, spiders to rodents – we can manage them all. When we read your requirement specifications, we derive a bespoke strategy to deal with pests effecting your property.

Once we get rid of these nasty creatures, we create a strong security system where they cannot intrude again. The amount spent by you on pest control Modbury North gives the maximum return when you call us for pest inspection and removal.

We are a fair and reliable pest control service in Modbury. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote. We bring a high-class comprehensive property inspection service with a detailed report. We give expert recommendations and save you from wasting money on a property that is not worth it.

Our Specialties

Integrated pest management service

At Adelaide Plains Pest Services, we follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management. We focus on the underlying root cause of pest infestation. We visit your home, office, or industry to check the severity of the problem.

With our integrated approach, we assure you that your building will be safeguarded for future pest control in Modbury

Do not worry any longer – pick up your phone today and call our team of skilled specialists. We will check the problem and design a custom eradication program to settle the pest problem once and for all. We want you and your family to remain safe.

We always adhere to industry standards of commercial as well as professional conduct. You can contact us with all your queries and doubts. We assure that you will be greatly satisfied with our pest control in Modbury North.

Your safety is important


Adelaide Plains Pest Services believe that the safety of your home and family from pests is important. Through our long experience, we have developed a systematic approach to get rid of the pest problem. Our environment-friendly and non-toxic methods are the best in the business.

When you need a customized solution, we can create it for you. Our specialists feel happy to explain our methodology and process to ensure you are comfortable with our approach.

Choose our superior pest control in Modbury with our systematic approach and distinguishing qualities. We determine to resolve all types of pest control problems better than others.